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In a world where technology continues to elbow its way into every nook and cranny of our lives, artificial intelligence is now stepping into the workforce, taking on roles hitherto performed by humans.

First in line are architects who are finding themselves with new silicon-based secretaries. The AI, named ‘ArchiTech 3000’, can do everything from sketching out blueprints, to forgetting the coffee order. One architect commented, “It’s just like having a human assistant, except it never annoys me with stories about its kids and there’s no awkward small talk on Monday mornings about how the weekend was.”

On the other end, writers are becoming increasingly frustrated with their new faceless rivals. AI writing software, coined ‘WordBorg’, has been churning out stories that lack creativity and the human touch. Jane K. Rowling, a NY-based author, complained, “It’s like reading a book written by a toaster.” Despite concerns, book publishers are thrilled, stating “It’s so much easier. There’s no writer’s ego to massage, no tantrums about the cover design, and best of all, no royalty payments!”

However, the debate continues. Are we heading towards an AI-dominated future, or will the machines realise they’re doing the jobs that even humans don’t want to do and strike? Well, stay tuned.

AInspired by: AI watch: from architects’ assistants to writers’ rivals