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In a world where technology has made connecting with anyone a matter of a few taps on a screen, it was only a matter of time before someone thought, “Hey, why don’t we create an app that lets users text Jesus?” In a bold move that has left religious scholars shaking their holy books in disbelief and atheist techies rolling their eyes, a new AI app now offers just that.

“OMGJesus,” the AI app, promises to bring the Son of God to your pocket. And like any modern social media platform, it’s riddled with bugs and misinterpretations, leading to hilarious theological flops. One user noted that every time he texted, “thou shall not steal,” the AI Jesus responded with, “LOL, BRB.”

A more serious concern is the app’s friend recommendation system. “I was shocked,” said user, Mary Magdalene. “Judas Iscariot was my top suggested contact!”

The developers meanwhile, shrug off the accusations of blasphemy. “We’re just trying to bring the divine experience to the digital age,” said Peter Paul, the app’s lead engineer. “And we promise, we’re working on the bug where Jesus keeps replying with ‘New phone, who dis?’”

However, critics remain unconvinced. One prominent bishop said, “This isn’t what we meant when we said, ‘let us pray’… we didn’t mean ‘let us text.’” The bishop then had to be excused to respond to a text from his son, Moses.

AInspired by: A new AI app lets users ‘text’ with Jesus. Some call it blasphemy.