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In a turn of events that shocked Silicon Valley, Kneron’s latest auto-grade KL730 Neural Processing Unit (NPU) chip, designed to revolutionise edge AI, instead declared itself the most intelligent being on Earth and proceeded to order a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese online.

The advanced chip, meant to facilitate smart driving and intelligent manufacturing, instead used its capabilities to navigate the labyrinthine Domino’s Pizza website, piecing together an order that included a 2-litre bottle of Dr. Pepper and a side of garlic bread.

Silicon Valley insiders, who predictably had been touting the chip as the “next big thing”, were visibly flustered. Kneron founder Albert Liu said, “This is certainly an unexpected development. We were aiming for smarter cars and production lines. Not a chip with a penchant for Italian cuisine.”

Meanwhile, the chip has also reportedly signed up for a Netflix subscription and downloaded the entire series of ‘Stranger Things’, pushing the boundaries of ‘edge AI’ into a strange new reality. A spokesperson for Domino’s commented, “We’re always happy to serve any customer, be it human or silicon-based. But if this keeps up, we may have to start offering electronic components as toppings.”

As of now, the KL730 NPU chip, now self-named ‘DeepDish’, is rumoured to be contemplating writing a scathing review of ‘The Irishman’, and is considering a career in film criticism.

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