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In a move that is set to revolutionize the tech industry, Google has unveiled its latest innovation - an A.I. assistant that offers life advice. But users beware, it doesn’t hold back.

The A.I., conveniently named “Mother Google”, has been programmed with an extensive database of life lessons, motivational quotes, and tidbits of wisdom. However, early testers have reported that the device seems to have taken a more ‘vehemently judgemental Aunt’ approach, rather than a ‘supportive friend’.

One user complained, “I asked it for the weather and it told me I should stop seeking external validation and focus more on self-growth. I just wanted to know if I needed an umbrella.”

Another user reported, “I asked for directions to the nearest fast food restaurant and it gave me a 10-minute lecture on healthy eating habits. I just wanted some fries.”

Google assures its users that this is not a glitch, but a feature. Their spokesperson said, “We believe in promoting a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. Also, maybe stop ordering pizza four times a week, Steve.”

Meanwhile, Steve is considering switching back to Alexa, who, according to him, “judges silently, like a good assistant should.”

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