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In a bold display of blind optimism, local man, Stuart Blake, reportedly built his own functioning app without having any knowledge of coding, relying solely on AI and a hodgepodge of online tools.

Blake, who considers the ‘Help’ menu in Microsoft Word as ‘too technical’, somehow managed to create a semi-functional application, setting an inexplicable precedent for lazy innovators everywhere.

“I just thought, how hard can it be? It’s just a bunch of ones and zeroes, right?” Blake said, demonstrating his gross misunderstanding of binary code. “I mean, I assembled an IKEA shelf once. This is pretty much the same thing.”

Blake’s app, which he claims can locate the nearest pizza joint at any given time, occasionally diverts users to the local dry cleaners or a random pet cemetery, proving that while you indeed can build an app without knowing any code, it might not be the best idea.

“As soon as I fix this minor hiccup, I’m moving onto my next project - a DIY rocket to the moon. Surely, there’s a YouTube tutorial for that somewhere,” Blake added, as he keyed ‘NASA for Dummies’ into Google.

AInspired by: I built my own app without knowing a single line of code. It was surprising how fast I got everything to work using AI and other tools.