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Dr. Simon Hughes, lead researcher of the project, unveiled a model of the AI’s brain, which resembles a tangled mess of Ethernet cables, USB ports, and oddly enough, a single HDMI outlet - presumably where it streams its wealth of useless trivia and bad jokes from.

“We initially thought it would look a lot like a human brain,” said Dr. Hughes. “But as we delved deeper into its neural pathways, we found an unexpected proliferation of cat memes, obscure SpongeBob references, and an unhealthy obsession with Elon Musk.”

The team was also startled to find a significant portion of the ‘brain’ dedicated to storing responses for when it doesn’t understand a question. “There’s a whole lobe just for saying ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that.’ It’s quite impressive,” Hughes added.

When asked about the practical applications of this discovery, Dr. Hughes shrugged, “Well, it makes a great paperweight. And it’s a fantastic conversation starter at parties.”

AInspired by: If ChatGPT had a brain, this is what it would look like