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In a turn of events that has left Silicon Valley stunned, an AI startup founder, on the brink of bankruptcy, sent a desperate plea to OpenAI’s Sam Altman and was rewarded with a miraculous business turnaround.

The founder, identified as Lucy Code, was reportedly weeks away from being forced to sell her house, her pet llama and the childhood blanket she still sleeps with to keep her AI startup afloat when she decided to send a Hail Mary email to Altman.

“I know you’re busy playing God with robots and stuff, but I figured you could spare a few minutes to save my struggling startup,” she wrote. “Also, I made you a cool crochet of your face. Hope you like it.”

In a move that surprised everyone, including Altman himself, the OpenAI chief decided to step in and save the day, primarily because he was touched by the quality and detail of the crochet.

“Normally, I only back startups that make a serious impact on the world,” said Altman. “But Lucy’s amazingly detailed crochet really got me. I mean, she even captured the glint in my eyes when I think about sentient robots. How could I say no?”

In the aftermath of the incident, the value of crochet lessons in Silicon Valley has skyrocketed overnight.

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