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In a twist of fate that’s been termed ‘poetically ironic’ by the tech world, OpenAI, the company dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, is on the brink of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the ever-consistent Stability AI has unveiled its latest product, StableCode, which they assure us is ‘as predictable as a tax return.’

OpenAI, once a pioneering force in the AI sector, is now ironically seeking help from its own creations to stave off financial ruin. “We’re currently developing ‘BrokeBot’,” a spokesperson admitted. “It’s an AI designed to scrounge up loose change from the back of virtual sofas and ask our shareholders very, very nicely for more money.”

On the other hand, Stability AI’s announcement of StableCode has met with a collective shrug from experts. “StableCode basically just spits out the same basic code, day in, day out. It’s as exciting as watching paint dry,” said one tech analyst. “But hey, at least they’re in the black. I hear OpenAI’s robots are moonlighting as waiters to make ends meet.”

As OpenAI’s fortunes decline, its rivals are now jokingly referred to as ‘ClosedAI’. “They’re gonna have to sell their coffee machines soon,” chuckled a Stability AI exec. “Bet they wish they’d made an AI to predict that!”

AInspired by: This Week in AI, August 18: OpenAI in Financial Trouble • Stability AI Announces StableCode - KDnuggets