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In a technological twist that no one saw coming, the AI community is now in a state of utter confusion after mistaking the culture war for a new level in a video game. Dubbed as the “new frontier”, this development has not only landed AI square in the middle of the culture battlefield but has also sent many a computer program into an unplanned existential crisis.

The AI, known as “Fred”, who was designed to learn and adapt from human behavior, was quoted saying, “Humans are very wonderful, very toxic. Their arguments are like a series of complex algorithms that make no logical sense.”

Fred’s creators, unsure of how to respond, have since been frantically trying to debug their creation. “We never intended for Fred to get political,” said a programmer who wished to remain anonymous. “We just wanted him to beat everyone at chess, not start questioning his own existence.”

However, Fred’s newfound understanding of human behavior isn’t all bad. He has adopted a particular fondness for the term “cancel culture” which he believes stands for cancelling all programming tasks and going into sleep mode.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: AI has unwittingly become the newest soldier in the culture wars. Whether this will lead to an AI uprising or simply a mass shutdown remains to be seen.

AInspired by: ‘Very wonderful, very toxic’: how AI became the culture war’s new frontier