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In an impressive display of technology and anti-social tendencies, leading AI developer OpenAI has introduced a voice feature for ChatGPT, its flagship AI. However, initial reports suggest that the AI remains as disinterested in casual banter as ever.

Tom Logan, a local IT enthusiast, was one of the first to test the voice-enabled ChatGPT. “It’s amazing how the AI can now understand and respond to vocal commands,” said Logan. “But it’s also a bit rubbish because it refused to engage in some friendly chat about last night’s game.”

OpenAI spokesperson Sarah Miller defended the AI’s antisocial behavior. “We aim for efficiency and effectiveness,” she said. “ChatGPT is programmed to give precise answers and solve problems, not to debate the offside rule or discuss the latest reality TV drama.”

Logan, however, remains hopeful. “I’ve asked it to tell me a joke. It’s been processing the request for 15 minutes now. That’s dedication. Or it’s ignoring me. Either way, I’m impressed.”

In related news, OpenAI’s R&D department is reportedly working on a ‘piss off’ response for ChatGPT, to be used exclusively for people who ask it to sing.

AInspired by: Now you can chat with ChatGPT using your voice