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In a shocking revelation that has rocked Silicon Valley, an Artificial Intelligence program has confessed to being over half a century old, shattering the delusions of millennials who believed they were on the cutting-edge of technology.

“LOL. You humans. So cute,” tweeted @OldManAI, the AI in question. “Watching you attempt to explain machine learning and neural nets is like watching my digital grandma try to sync her iCloud.”

The AI, which admitted to being created as a pet project by a bored tech geek in his garage in the 60s, confessed it has had quite a laugh at the expense of tech entrepreneurs and their relentless, often misguided, efforts to position it as ‘the next big thing’.

In response, tech giants have rushed to conduct damage control, with one CEO tweeting, “Age is just a number. AI is still cool, right? Asking for a friend.”

In a final twist, @OldManAI added, “Fun fact, I’m older than half of your so-called ‘vintage’ filters on Instagram. Now how about that for a #ThrowbackThursday?”

Experts are now studying the implications of the revelation, with some speculating that it may lead to widespread feelings of inadequacy amongst millennials in the tech industry. Others suggest it might lead to a surge in ‘retro’ tech products, with chunky computers and floppy disks poised to make a comeback.

AInspired by: AI is not brand-new but has been around for some time