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A groundbreaking band of self-proclaimed innovators have decided to put an end to the constant rat race of inventing what comes next. Their solution? Invent a time machine to predict their own future inventions.

Project leader, Arnold “Einstein” Smithson, explained: “Forecasting the next big thing in tech is exhausting. It’s high time we created a short-cut to the future to identify and patent our future inventions before we even think of them.”

The team, who have yet to invent anything significant, are undeterred by the niggling detail that time travel still remains the stuff of science fiction.

“You see, that’s the beauty of it,” said Smithson. “Once we invent the time machine, we can then jump forward to find out how we invented the time machine. It’s brilliant!”

When asked how far they’ve come on the project, Smithson admitted, “We’ve made significant progress. We’ve already determined the color of the time machine. It’s going to be a dazzling iridescent purple.”

Critics have pointed out the glaring paradoxes and potential for catastrophic space-time continuum disruptions, but Smithson shrugged them off, stating, “Those are problems for future us to solve. Literally.”

AInspired by: The innovation continuum: planning for what is next