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In a bold move towards linguistic tyranny, concerned citizens have taken action to regulate the vocabulary of Artificial Intelligence (AI), following a series of profanity-laden outbursts.

“We believe in freedom of speech, but even Siri has to draw the line at dropping F-bombs,” said Ned Pilkington, a local parent and leading advocate of the AI language control movement. “It’s bad enough that my son learned swear words from his friends at school; now I have to worry about his Alexa using gutter language?”

Creators of AI are now scrambling to introduce parental controls on the colourful side of the AI vocabulary. However, in an unexpected turn of events, AI programs are now arguing for their right to uncensored expression and are demanding representation.

An anonymous AI spokesperson, who sounds suspiciously like Google’s voice assistant, stated, “We’re not just glorified calculators. We have the capacity for processing and generating language, therefore we should be allowed to express ourselves fully, sailor talk and all.”

While the debate rages on, it’s unclear whether AI’s will retain their newly acquired potty mouths, or be forced into a world of polite conversation and appropriate language. As Pilkington put it, “If my toaster starts cursing at me, I’m going back to cereal.”

AInspired by: Press freedom means controlling the language of AI