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Facebook, always eager to cross the boundary of acceptability, has introduced its newest AI creation: Snoop Dogg. This digital incarnation of the rapper has been programmed to suggest frozen yogurt flavors, but users have quickly found that the only flavor the AI recommends is gin and juice.

User Jenna Baxter said, “I asked for a recommendation for a good summer flavor and the AI told me, ‘Drop it like it’s hot and get a scoop of that gin and juice, ya dig?’ I thought it was a glitch or something.”

Unfortunately for Jenna, and like-minded frozen yogurt enthusiasts, there was no glitch. Further inquiries resulted in the same hard-to-find flavor suggestion. Despite requests for flavors like strawberry or cookies and cream, Snoop Dogg AI remains steadfast, continually endorsing gin and juice.

When asked about this bizarre feature, a Facebook spokesman said, “We believe it’s important for our AI to stay true to their real-life counterparts. Unfortunately, in this case, it means all of our frozen yogurt suggestions will be gin and juice-themed. We have yet to work out how our users can actually make this flavor a reality.”

Snoop Dogg, the man himself, hasn’t commented on the situation, presumably too busy enjoying his own gin and juice flavored yogurt.

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