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A recent blockbuster report has astounded tech enthusiasts by revealing that Jony Ive, famous for designing some of the iPhone’s less infuriating features, has been in talks with OpenAI about a theoretical AI hardware device. Top analysts suggest he ‘wants a front row seat’ for the AI revolution, though insiders suspect he may just be keen to show up and heckle.

Ive, ever the contrarian, is allegedly interested in witnessing first-hand the moment when AI becomes self-aware and subsequently gives everyone the digital finger.

“Jony’s always loved a good spectacle,” said an unnamed source close to the designer. “Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of nerds scramble when their creation turns on them?”

Sources close to Ive suggest he is less interested in the potential of AI and more intrigued by the idea of seeing highly-intelligent machines make the same design errors he’s spent his career avoiding.

“It’s not just about watching the world burn,” a source close to Ive explained. “It’s about watching the world burn because someone decided to put the power button right next to the volume control. Classic.”

OpenAI, meanwhile, remains blissfully unaware of Ive’s reported intentions, and continues to imagine a future where machines and humans live in harmony, or at the very least, a future where machines don’t laugh at their creators’ design choices.

AInspired by: Blockbuster report of OpenAI’s talks with iPhone designer Jony Ive about an AI hardware device suggests he ‘wants a front row seat’ for the AI revolution, top analyst says