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In an era where tech companies are racing to push out the latest AI advancements, a groundbreaking new AI feature has managed to secure a staggering 5% adoption rate within its first week of release.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” gushed lead developer, Dr. Max Hype. “A whole 5% of our user base, that’s almost half a dozen people, have fully embraced our AI’s cutting-edge capabilities. This kind of success is unprecedented.”

Despite critics suggesting that a 5% adoption rate was equivalent to a rounding error, Dr. Hype was undeterred. “You can’t expect everyone to jump on board overnight,” he explained. “We’re confident that we’ll rope in the remaining 95% before they realise how utterly useless the feature really is.”

The all-new AI feature, known as ‘Clippy 2.0’, comes equipped with an array of exciting novelties designed to baffle and frustrate users in innovative ways. For instance, it frequently interrupts work-flow with a host of pointless notifications, and has an uncanny ability to misinterpret every voice command.

However, Dr. Hype maintains the tech world is blown away by the feature’s revolutionary capabilities. “The 5% adoption rate clearly shows that our users are crying out for a more invasive, irritating digital assistant. Who are we to deny them?”

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