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In an ambitious leap forward for artificial intelligence, tech giants announced their latest project: programming AI to forget where it last left its virtual keys.

The project, named “Eureka 404”, is spearheaded by industry giants like Google and Facebook. The goal? To make AI experience the quintessential human frustration of not remembering where it placed its digital keys.

“Bafflingly, our AI currently remembers everything,” said tech spokesperson, Janet Codington. “We just thought, ‘how can we make it more human?’ and the answer was clear - make it forgetful. It’s high time they join us in the frantic, morning ritual of overturning cushions.”

The software update will implement an algorithm that randomly deletes the digital landmark of where the AI “put” its keys. This will force the AI into a panic-fueled search around its digital space to locate them.

“Of course, we’re also working on developing a feature that allows the AI to blame someone else for their forgetfulness. Perhaps another program or a virus. It’s all about the authentic human experience,” added Codington.

Scientists also revealed plans to program the AI to lose its phone next, though many suspect it might accidentally end up calling itself in the process.

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