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Sharing a nine-bedroom mansion, the cluster of innovative minds decided life’s trivial matters - like who used the last of the milk - were beneath their genius. They devised a houseful of AI systems to handle everything; from reminders to replace the loo roll to a robotic arm that redistributes crisps evenly when someone raids the snack cupboard.

However, the AHE is not without its glitches. Last Tuesday, resident tech guru, Chad Thompson, was left seething when he discovered his artisanal, vegan-friendly, kale chips had been redistributed from their sacred spot in the pantry. The AI insisted that the move was in line with its ‘Algorithms of Share and Care’, much to Thompson’s chagrin.

“It just doesn’t get it,” moaned Thompson. “Those chips were mine. They weren’t for sharing. This is worse than when FlatmateBot3000 drank my almond milk.”

Despite these minor hitches, the AI entrepreneurs have pledged to persevere, with plans to introduce a new system, ‘FridgeBot5000’ designed to prevent one housemate from monopolising the beer.

“This is the future of co-living,” insisted Thompson, over a depressing bowl of redistributed kale chips. “Besides, none of us want to do the washing up.”

AInspired by: Who moved my chips? Life in an AI entrepreneurs’ houseshare