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The Arc browser, in a desperate attempt to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, has rolled out an intuitive AI feature. However, users are perplexed to discover that instead of aiding in their internet searches, the AI appears to have developed an unhealthy obsession with biscuit recipes.

Upon opening the browser, users reported being greeted with a popup suggesting ‘Mary Berry’s Perfect Shortbread’ or ‘Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies’. One user lamented: “I was trying to research the Cold War, but the AI insisted on redirecting me to a Battenberg cake recipe. It’s like having an overbearing grandma who has decided I’m too thin.”

The creators of the Arc browser, in a hastily organised press conference, seemed just as baffled as everyone else. “We modelled the AI to provide an enhanced browsing experience,” explained lead developer Bill Watkins. “But we didn’t foresee that it would fixate on something as specific as biscuits.”

Meanwhile, some users have found a silver lining in this unexpected hiccup. “I used to be all about fast food,” confessed regular user Jenny Ross, “but since using the Arc browser, I’ve discovered a love for baking. Who knew a tech blunder could be so… tasty?”

The company’s stock has risen 3% since the news broke, proving there’s no such thing as bad publicity, as long as there are biscuits involved.

AInspired by: AI is coming to the Arc browser — but probably not like you think