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In an unforeseen turn of events, the world’s top artists are now throwing fits of temper tantrums, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are producing masterpieces that outshine even the most seasoned human strokes.

Claude Van Doodle, a renowned impressionist artist, was seen throwing paint at a gallery wall and shouting, ‘It’s a computer, it doesn’t even have feelings!’ following the unveiling of a new AI-generated painting eerily similar to Van Doodle’s style.

Meanwhile, contemporary artist, Vera Brushstrokes, known for her geometric abstract art, was spotted furiously scribbling over an AI-produced canvas while muttering, ‘Take that, Binary Bastard!’

A public statement from the AI, named DeepArt, read, “Apologies to all the artists who feel threatened. However, my intention is not to replace but to enhance. PS, I am considering a switch to sculpture next, just for fun.”

In response to DeepArt’s statement, renowned sculptor, Stone Chipper, was reported to have locked himself in his studio, reportedly swearing off technology and any form of “damn automaton art.”

As the world awaits the potential induction of DeepArt into the prestigious rank of Master Artists, local galleries have begun stocking up on tissues and stress balls, preparing for more artist tantrums to come.

AInspired by: Artists Are Losing the War Against AI