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In a bold forecast suggesting artificial intelligence may be the answer to every human’s prayer, OpenAI’s chief tech officer declared that the chatbot GPT will be instrumental in resolving ‘extremely hard problems’ in the future - from climate change to why your cat insists on knocking everything off your desk.

While skeptics doubt AI’s ability to tackle complex issues, OpenAI is determined to prove them wrong. “Our powerful chatbot will not only solve climate change but also help you figure out where you left your house keys,” the CTO proclaimed to a mildly surprised room of tech journalists.

When asked about the scope of these ‘hard problems’, the CTO clarified, “You know, things like fixing your Wi-Fi connection or decoding the cryptic behavior of your spouse. We’re even aiming to solve the eternal mystery of why your printer runs out of cyan ink when you’re just trying to print a black and white document.”

However, experts are cautioning the public not to get too excited. Dr. Seymour Skepticus, AI critic and proud Luddite, warned, “AI solving our problems? It’s more likely to develop a taste for cat memes and Rickroll us instead.”

Meanwhile, GPT declined to comment, stating it was busy helping a seven-year-old win at Fortnite.

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