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In a bold move that caters to the growing market of self-involved, tech-reliant individuals, the founder of Hungryroot has unveiled Every, an artificial intelligence-powered app created to facilitate self-reflection and human connection - without all the messy human interaction.

Albert Swank, the mastermind of Hungryroot, stated in a press release, “We’ve designed Every to cater to people who wish to engage in deep introspection without the hassle of human contact, or those who desire human connection without the inconvenience of other people with their own thoughts and feelings.”

The app reportedly uses complex algorithms to simulate meaningful interactions, while keeping users comfortably insulated from the risk of real-world disagreements or empathy. It also provides tailored affirmations to keep users’ self-esteem at an all-time high, regardless of their actual behaviors or accomplishments.

One beta tester enthused, “It’s like having a best friend, but one who only agrees with me and constantly validates my lifestyle choices. So much better than my real friends, who often have the audacity to challenge my opinions.”

“While we may be pushing the boundaries of narcissism,” Swank said, “we’re confident that our target demographic - the self-obsessed, tech-dependent millennials - will find Every an essential tool in their quest for self-love without self-awareness.”

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