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In an unprecedented move designed to pacify underpaid creatives, Getty Images has pioneered a “socially responsible” AI tool which rewards artists with what they truly desire: exposure and hearty congratulations.

The AI tool, named “Getty-Go-Round,” has been programmed with an algorithm that positively evaluates the artist’s sweat and tears, before calculating the appropriate level of exposure and online kudos. Currency, real-life recognition, and food are not part of this innovative remuneration system.

Getty spokesperson, Art Decco said, “After extensive research, we found that artists don’t actually need money. Their sustenance is derived from the warm feeling of accomplishment and the vague promise of future success.”

Upon uploading their creative work, artists receive an automated email from Getty-Go-Round declaring their exposure payment. The email also includes a virtual pat on the back, which they can redeem on the website for more exposure.

Artist Starve N. Createe said, “It’s a game changer. Now, instead of worrying about paying rent or buying food, I can focus on the thrill of being paid in exposure. I’m sure my landlord will understand.”

However, Getty Images has stated that they will continue to accept actual money for their services. Decco added, “We’ve got to keep the lights on somehow. We can’t run a successful business on exposure, can we?”

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