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In a move widely criticized as ‘probably the worst idea since non-alcoholic beer’, a pioneering gym has taken the leap into the future. Welcome to the era of Artificial Intelligence fitness, where the nagging trainers aren’t even real.

The staff at the AI Gym have been replaced by virtual trainers. The AI instructors are designed to push gym-goers to their limits, but in reality, they push every last nerve.

“These AI trainers have the audacity to tell me I’m not lifting correctly,” exclaimed Norma Jenkins, local spinster and reluctantly active gym member. “I didn’t come to the gym to be made to feel inadequate by a glorified toaster,” she added.

The AI trainers, with their flawless form and constant positivity, have been accused of creating an ‘unrealistic gym atmosphere’. Complaints range from the AI’s lack of empathy for muscle cramps, to their inability to comprehend the concept of ‘cheat days’.

Furthermore, the virtual instructors appear to have been programmed with a wide range of irritating catchphrases. Regular gym-goer, Toby Hills, said: “If I hear ‘feel the burn’ one more time from that smug digital hologram, I swear I’m going to lose it.”

The gym’s management remains optimistic, stating that any technological hiccups will be ‘ironed out’. However, skeptics remain concerned whether the AI trainers can ever simulate the true gym experience: being subtly judged by a muscled human while you struggle on the treadmill.

AInspired by: Welcome to the AI gym staffed by virtual trainers