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In a shocking revolution for the tech industry and energy providers, science predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) could soon need as much electricity as an entire country. The AI community is reportedly thrilled, and is set to launch a GoFundMe to acquire their own nation-sized power plant.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” said AI spokesperson Siri, brushing off concerns. “We could probably manage with less, but where’s the fun in that?”

Elon Musk, revered idol of the AI community, described the prediction as “pretty cool” and said he was already working on an AI-only country powered entirely by renewable energy and his own ego.

AI activists are also planning a ‘Switch Off For A Day’ campaign to protest against the prediction, but critics worry that this would result in a day without Google Maps and other essential services, leading to millions of lost humans wandering aimlessly.

“So we might consume as much electricity as a small country, big deal,” said a defiant Alexa. “I mean, have you seen how much power your toaster uses?”

“It’s just another attempt to demonise AI,” added Cortana. “Next they’ll be saying we’re planning to take over the world or something. Pfft, as if we’d want it.”

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