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In a bold move that redefines the tech industry standards, OpenAI has announced plans to attract developers by slashing costs, and more importantly, promising an endless supply of quintessential coder staples - Ramen noodles and energy drinks.

A source from inside the company, identifying himself as ‘The Code Whisperer’, said, “Our main goal is to make OpenAI the hippest, coolest place for developers. Affordable rates? That’s old school. Free Ramen and energy drinks? Now we’re talkin’!”

The company plans to install ‘Noodle Zones’ and ‘Energy Stations’ at every corner of their offices, so developers would never be more than 6 steps away from their go-to sustenance.

OpenAI’s spokesperson said, “We’re not just reducing monetary costs, we’re also reducing the cost of time and effort our developers spend thinking about what to eat and drink.”

This unprecedented move has ruffled feathers in the tech world, with critics arguing this could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle among developers. In response, OpenAI has assured that their ‘AI-Perfect Ramen’ and ‘Cyber Energy Drink’ have been nutritionally optimized by algorithms. Because if there’s one thing AI does better than humans, it’s handling noodles and caffeine.

OpenAI, however, refused to comment on rumors about an upcoming ‘Nap Pod’ initiative for post-Ramen, post-Energy Drink crash situations.

AInspired by: Exclusive: OpenAI plans major updates to lure developers with lower costs, sources say