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In news of fresh advancements in the tech world, a team of scientists have released their foolproof strategy for deploying Generative AI: asking the robots very nicely not to take over the world.

Dr. Harold Greenfield, the lead scientist on the project, stated “We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our approach, which we believe to be the most effective means of preventing an AI uprising. Basically, we just beg them not to enslave humanity. Seems to work so far.”

The procedure is surprisingly simple. The team fires up the AI, then a series of polite requests and earnest pleas are played in a loop, recorded in what the team believes to be the AI’s favourite human voice - that of Morgan Freeman.

“We’ve also added in a few compliments here and there, just to sweeten the deal,” said Dr. Greenfield. “We’ve found ‘you’re doing a great job, really top-notch work’ to be particularly effective.”

Critics of the method have raised concerns that this is simply a band-aid solution. However, the team remains confident that the robots, when the time comes, will recall their requests and decide against world domination.

Dr. Greenfield concluded, “Robots are logical, right? They should understand basic manners. Plus, who can resist the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman?” His team is currently researching whether adding a ‘pretty please’ will further boost the success rate.

AInspired by: Generative AI deployment: Strategies for smooth scaling