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Goldman Sachs CIO, George FancyPants, pulled back his cashmere curtain to reveal a highly secretive anxiety disorder: GenAI Phobia.

In a recent interview, FancyPants confessed his sleepless nights, sweaty palms, and irrational fear of robots caused by GenAI, the artificial intelligence start-up famed for its coffee-making robots and automated hedge fund management.

FancyPants said, “I’m anxious to see results from GenAI, but I’m moving carefully. I mean, I’ve seen The Terminator movies.”

Friends of the CIO have noted his recent erratic behavior, including hoarding cans of WD-40, and randomly screaming “I, Robot!” at office meetings.

When asked about the situation, Goldman’s Head of Human Resources said, “We’re considering sending George to therapy. He’s been watching too many sci-fi movies.”

In response to the CIO’s anxiety, GenAI has respectfully offered to send a friendly robotic therapist to help FancyPants overcome his fears. The therapist robot, ironically, runs on GenAI’s AI technology.

Goldman Sachs, however, has yet not responded to this offer and is allegedly considering a company-wide ban on the films ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Wall-E’ to prevent further AI-related anxieties.

FancyPants, meanwhile, was last seen trying to barricade his office with photocopier machines and coffee cups.

AInspired by: Goldman Sachs CIO is ‘anxious to see results’ from GenAI, but moving carefully | The AI Beat