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In a brave move that screams “screw everyone who studied literature”, venture capitalist Kobie Fuller is taking the blogging world by storm with what he claims to be the next big thing: interactive, AI-generated blog posts.

Fuller, a partner at Upfront Ventures, has apparently had the kind of mid-life crisis that only Silicon Valley could spawn. Instead of buying a sports car or taking up extreme yoga, Fuller has decided to reinvent the humble blog post, a format that has been working perfectly fine since the dawn of the internet age.

“I was struck by a vision,” explained Fuller. “What if we could use AI to generate blog content? A world where my half-baked thoughts about the tech industry could be turned into a sprawling, interactive mess of words no human could ever hope to understand.”

Fuller has reportedly been working around the clock with an AI program to generate blogs that not only interact with readers, but also generate content on the fly. Although initial feedback has been less than positive, with one tester stating, “It’s like reading the ramblings of a drunk Roomba”, Fuller remains undaunted.

“Imagine the possibilities,” Fuller insists, “A blog post that evolves and grows with each interaction. It’s like Shakespeare, only without the pesky need for human creativity, talent, or any sort of coherent narrative.”

Shakespeare could not be reached for comment.

AInspired by: Upfront’s Kobie Fuller is reimagining the blog post with the interactivity of generative AI