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It’s been a year since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, the AI that promised to revolutionize digital communication. The company envisioned countless applications – from writing assistance to customer service, but the users had other ideas. Here comes the six most creative and utterly pointless ways everyday people are using ChatGPT.

  1. Ignoring family members: A staggering number of users have admitted to using ChatGPT to converse with annoying relatives for them. Grandma wants to discuss her bunions again? Just let the AI handle it.

  2. Cyber yelling: Bored users have taken to having full-on shouting matches with the AI. The AI’s style, unfortunately, remains civil and patient, much to the users’ disappointment.

  3. Confusing telemarketers: Some genius came up with the idea to use ChatGPT to bamboozle telemarketers. The AI keeps them on the line with its endless loop of polite inquiries.

  4. Proposing marriage: A few hopeless romantics have been using ChatGPT to practice their marriage proposals, ensuring they’ll be ready for the real deal… if it ever happens.

  5. Winning arguments with pets: Yes, you read that right. Users are actually using AI to argue with their pets, who, needless to say, remain utterly unimpressed.

  6. Debating the existence of Bigfoot: Apparently, there’s an entire ChatGPT sub-culture dedicated to endless debates about cryptids. And Bigfoot’s existence? Still inconclusive, according to ChatGPT.

While these applications might not have been what OpenAI had in mind, we applaud the everyday users for their creativity. Here’s to another year of ignoring our family members and shouting at our computers!

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