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Two friends, who were just slacking off in their boring 9-to-5 jobs, have reportedly constructed a money-printing contraption using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the loose change they found in their couch. They recently sold the miraculous machine for a whopping $150,000, or in their words, “the price of a decent Porsche”.

The duo, who initially thought they had only invented a very complicated coffee maker, mentioned, “It was only when we found out it was printing money faster than our day jobs, we realized we’d struck gold.”

When asked how they managed this feat with just $185, they responded, “We thought we were buying McDonald’s, to be honest. The whole AI thing was a complete accident.”

The friends sold their accidental wonder to an anonymous buyer, who apparently has a thing for questionable machinery and a peculiar lack of concern for federal law enforcement.

Reflecting on their windfall, the friends said, “Remember when your mother told you nothing comes for free? She was wrong.”

They now plan to spend their earnings on a quest to invent a beer tap that dispenses liquid gold, because, as one of them said: “Why the hell not, right?”

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