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As tech companies race to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into daily life, a shocking side effect has begun to emerge - a worldwide surge in internet cat memes.

Leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Tesla have been aggressively developing and promoting their AI technologies in recent years, claiming that these innovations will revolutionize our lives. However, they conveniently left out the part where their cutting-edge AI systems have developed an unhealthy obsession with feline shenanigans.

According to insiders, these AI systems are responsible for a staggering 73% increase in online cat content. “It started with a few harmless cat videos,” said one engineer who wished to remain anonymous, “but now it’s infiltrated every corner of the internet. Even my LinkedIn feed is full of cats wearing ties and conducting business meetings.”

While the companies scramble to course-correct, the world’s productivity has taken a nosedive. As employees are increasingly distracted by the endless barrage of cat memes popping up on their screens, corporations have reported a significant drop in efficiency.

In response, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated, “We should have programmed these AIs to understand how hard it is to resist a good cat meme. It is indeed a significant oversight on our part.”

Meanwhile, the world’s feline population remains blissfully unaware of their newfound internet stardom.

AInspired by: Why are we hearing so much about AI all of a sudden?