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OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research lab notorious for producing shockingly advanced AI models, has announced a rather unorthodox approach to sustaining its breakneck growth — hiring an AI personal trainer.

The lab, which recently notched up an impressive growth streak, is under immense pressure to continue delivering year-on-year advancements in AI technology. Several investment analysts have even termed OpenAI’s growth as ‘unnatural’ and ‘bordering on cyborg-y’.

A spokesperson for OpenAI stated, “We’ve hired a new AI model that we’ve dubbed ‘SweatBot 3000’. SweatBot is designed to push our developers to their absolute limits. It’s equipped with a suite of features that include guilt-trips, shame-drones, and, most importantly, a ‘disappointed parent mode’.”

The company believes that with the help of SweatBot, its engineers will be able to pull an all-nighter every night, subsisting on a diet of energy drinks and pure ambition.

However, not everyone is convinced by this approach. Critics have raised concerns about the potential for burnout. Responding to these concerns, the spokesperson said, “SweatBot 3000 is constantly fine-tuning its motivational algorithms. Rest assured, it has been programmed to occasionally offer words of encouragement such as ‘Good job, human employee’ and ‘Keep it up, carbon-based lifeform’.”

OpenAI’s competitors can only watch and hope as the lab gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘workout routine’.

AInspired by: OpenAI is desperate to maintain its superb growth. It won’t be easy