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In a game-changing move that has caused shockwaves through the tech community, Meta and various AI companies have started recruiting striking actors to train artificial intelligence systems. However, reports suggest the strategy is failing dramatically as the AI still can’t convincingly fake a decent Shakespearean death scene.

With theatres closed due to strikes and the actors desperate for any type of exposure, Meta saw an opportunity to exploit the situation. After hours of emotional monologue training and Shakespearean soliloquies, these virtual assistants are still struggling to deliver a believable “Et tu, Brute?”

Lead actor Trevor Hughes claims he spent 6 hours teaching Alexa to deliver the line “To be or not to be, that is the question” with the right amount of existential angst. However, Alexa’s final version reportedly sounded more like she was deciding whether to order pepperoni pizza or not.

A Meta spokesperson said, “We figured if Alexa can learn to laugh creepily, she can certainly learn to act. We stand corrected. On a positive note, she does a mean robot dance now.”

Meanwhile, the actors are bitter. “What’s next? Are they going to replace us with holograms on Broadway?” Hughes lamented. “Oh wait, they already did that. Thanks, Tupac.”

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