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In a breakthrough development for socially inept tech nerds across the globe, the new Anti-ChatGPT app Superfly is revolutionizing the dating scene by using AI to match people for live chats based on the dreariness of their queries.

“We wanted to create a platform that could cater to those whose interpersonal skills are about as vibrant as a 404 error message,” said Archibald Cling, Superfly’s chief of algorithmic monotony. “With our app, people can be matched based on their mutual interest in cumbersome tech jargon and other mundanities.”

Superfly’s AI algorithm, aptly named ‘DrearyMatch 1.0’, reportedly analyzes a user’s queries for their tediousness, awarding ‘boredom points’ accordingly. Users with similar scores are then matched, ensuring a shared interest in life-draining technical discourse.

Beta tester, Fiona Blunt, expressed her satisfaction with the app. “I’ve always struggled to find someone who appreciates the intricate differences between Python and JavaScript. Now, I can share my enthusiasm for API integrations with someone who genuinely cares, or at least pretends to.”

Cling added, “We truly believe this is the future of online dating. It’s not about shared hobbies or mutual attraction anymore. It’s about who can drone on the longest about cloud computing or the latest iPhone update.”

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