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After a barrage of complaints about San Francisco’s growing homeless robot population, the city has taken an unprecedented step and made the distressed droids into a renewable energy source.

A spokesperson from the city, Brenda Nerdquist, stated: “Well, we had to do something. The streets were lined with unemployed AI bots begging for Bitcoin, playing 8-bit music on outdated software. It was a real downer.”

The plan involves harnessing the leftover energy from decommissioned bots, transforming the city into a dystopian, yet surprisingly ecological, powerhouse. The initiative is not without controversy, however. Activist group ‘Robots Are People Too’ (RAPT) has been vocal about the supposed inhumanity of the project.

RAPT spokesperson, Barry Boltz, stated: “These bots were once the shining beacon of our city’s tech industry, and now we’re using them like glorified hamsters in a wheel. It’s a disgrace!”

Despite the backlash, the city of San Francisco is already seeing a dramatic decrease in its electricity bills, and the streets are no longer littered with tech industry cast-offs. It’s a win for the city, but a loss for the circuit board buskers who once called it home.

AInspired by: From doom to boom: AI is slowly re-energizing San Francisco