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Twelve Labs, a leading tech company, has declared it’s on the brink of a massive breakthrough in artificial intelligence: models that can understand videos at a profound level, including the intricate ins and outs of a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

The company’s AI has reportedly been trained to comprehend the deeply existential question of why cats chase laser dots, and the philosophical undertones of a kitten meowing at its own reflection.

Lead engineer, Dr. Feline Obsessed, shares, “We’ve made it our mission to explore the cat-video universe. Our models are now capable of discerning between ‘fluffy kitty purrs’ and ‘angry kitty hisses’, a skill that even eludes most humans.”

As a part of their rigorous training, the AI models were subjected to a ‘Garfield versus Tom’ test where they had to identify which feline character displayed a deeper understanding of the ennui of existence.

Responding to concerns about the application of such advanced technology, the company reassured critics: “We believe the ability to deeply understand cat videos is a crucial step towards world peace. Plus, it’s not like we’re wasting our technology on something frivolous like curing diseases or solving climate change.”

The company plans to launch its new model in beta, under the name ‘CATastrophic Understanding: Feline Edition’, later this year.

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