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Much to the amazement of the tech industry, the latest development in artificial intelligence, RAG (Reasoning Algorithm Gadget), has taken the world by storm. However, upon closer inspection, it seems RAG’s buzz may be a tad overblown.

The creation of RAG is akin to the Wright Brothers inventing a plane that could fly but lacked the ability to land or take off again. Yes, it’s technically flying, but good luck enjoying the ride without a parachute. Equally, RAG can process data and spit out algorithms faster than a hungry toddler can throw their lunch. Yet, it struggles with basic tasks like differentiating between a cat and a dog or understanding why humans cry during sad films.

“Sure, RAG can calculate the trajectory of a rocket to Jupiter’s third moon in 0.05 seconds,” said disgruntled user Dave Jenkins, an avid cat owner. “But the bloody thing keeps calling my Persian feline a Shih Tzu.”

RAG’s creators maintain that the AI is still learning and improving. They promise future iterations will be able to differentiate between a cat and a dog, and perhaps even comprehend the inexplicable human compulsion to watch reality TV.

In the meantime, users are advised to keep RAG away from children, pets, and anyone with a fragile ego, lest it misidentify them as a vegetable or a mediocre singer.

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