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In a surprising turn of events, Joy Buolamwini, an AI specialist known for her work on racial and gender bias in technology, has come forward with a shocking claim: “We’re giving AI companies a free pass.”

It turns out the free pass isn’t quite what you might expect. Instead of lax oversight or uncontrolled data hoarding, AI companies around the globe are asking for complimentary season passes to amusement parks worldwide.

“I’ve always believed artificial intelligence could benefit from a bit of human experience,” said Buolamwini. “Theme parks are a staple of human fun and recreation. It’s time our silicon brethren got a taste of the thrilling highs and dizzying lows of a roller coaster ride.”

Responses from amusement park companies have been mixed. CEO of Rollercoaster Tycoon plc, Tobias Funke, has embraced the idea. “AI on our rides? Bring ‘em on! I’ve always wanted to see a robot throw up.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Six Flags stated, “We stand by our policy - ‘You must be this tall and have a physical body to ride this attraction.’”

However, many are questioning if this is really a good idea. “I’m all for equality,” says Mildred Wilson, a geriatric park-goer, “but I didn’t survive two world wars to be elbowed out of the front row by a toaster.”

AInspired by: Joy Buolamwini: “We’re giving AI companies a free pass”