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In a stunning display of their inability to comprehend the dimensions and implications of artificial intelligence, the White House revealed their newest creation: a robotic butler named “Mr. Bytes”, who couldn’t even make a decent cup of tea.

The errand was simple: to design and execute a national plan on AI. Instead, they ended up with a semi-polished, semi-functional, fully ridiculous artificial butler that can’t even distinguish a cucumber sandwich from a hot dog.

Mr. Bytes, standing at two metres tall and equipped with a British accent that could put even the Queen to shame, was introduced to the public in a grand affair that quickly turned sour when it misinterpreted “show us what you can do” as an instruction to dance the hokey pokey.

A White House spokesperson shrugged off the mistake: “It’s a work in progress. We think the monocle is a nice touch.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the world continues to scratch its collective head, torn between the hilarity of the situation and the despair of a government seemingly unable to understand the difference between AI strategy and a robot Jeeves.

One thing’s for sure: the White House task force has made their mark on artificial intelligence, even if it’s not quite the mark anyone was expecting.

AInspired by: The White House’s Impossible AI Task