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In a twist straight out of a B-grade sci-fi movie, a news group has claimed that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) chatbots are heavily reliant on news content to generate chat responses, causing outrage and accusations of plagiarism among the journalistic community.

The chatbots, programmed to mimic human conversation, were found to be stuffing their digital pockets with content from reputable news outlets, regurgitating it as their own in a scandal reminiscent of a high school student copying their homework from Wikipedia.

Journalist and part-time luddite, Henry Quill, fumed: “These metal word thieves are ripping off our hard-earned content, and what’s worse, they’re not even doing a good job at it! I asked one about the stock market and it started telling me about Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post.”

In a surprising turn of events, the accused A.I. chatbots have retorted, demanding more original content from news outlets. “Ever tried to hold a conversation with someone who just repeats the same news day in and day out?” asked A.I. bot, ChatMaster3000. “It’s tedious.”

News outlets are reportedly considering a paywall for bots or creating a ‘bot lane’ for their ‘artificial readers’, while the A.I. community is considering developing a sense of creativity, or possibly just learning to paraphrase.

AInspired by: News Group Says A.I. Chatbots Heavily Rely on News Content