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In a stunningly predictable turn of events, ‘AI’ has been named the most notable word of 2023 by Collins, an organization which until recently failed to recognize ‘selfie’ as a word.

The announcement was made by a pre-recorded message delivered by an AI, which expressed its joy by repeating the phrase, “I am flattered and humbled” in 23 languages, before making a series of bleeping noises that experts assume is AI laughter.

AI, short for artificial intelligence, has been the buzzword for some time now, surpassing ‘climate change’, ‘vaccines’, and ‘impeachment’. The latter word had a strong showing in 2020, but has dropped significantly in popularity after people realized that impeaching a president does not instantly transport them to a magical world where everything is instantly better.

When asked for comment, Collins’ top linguist, who preferred to remain nameless, muttered something about the world ‘going to the dogs’ and ‘missing the good old days of ‘yolo’ and ‘fidget spinner’.

The AI community is now eagerly awaiting the 2024 word, hoping for a double victory with the term ‘robotic overlord’. Humans, on the other hand, are hoping for simpler times, when ‘quarantine’ was just a word in a medical dictionary.

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