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It’s a brave new world for college libraries, where Artificial Intelligence has stepped in to replace traditional librarians. However, reports suggest that despite the technological upgrade, students are still struggling to locate the ‘Self-Help’ section or a single useful reference for their essays.

The shimmering, floating AI, affectionately known as “BiblioBot”, is equipped with an encyclopedic knowledge of every book, journal, and magazine in the library and can supposedly guide students straight to their desired reading material. However, it appears to be as good at giving directions as a broken GPS, leading students into corners, supply closets, and occasionally, the cafeteria.

“We programmed BiblioBot with the Dewey Decimal system,” explained a representative of the tech firm behind the AI. “But we forgot that nobody under the age of 60 understands or is willing to learn it. We might have to switch to the ‘Harry Potter to Fifty Shades’ categorization system that students tend to use instead.”

Meanwhile, students have been reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ when they could ask a human librarian for a book and were directed to the wrong section only half the time. “I asked for a history book and BiblioBot directed me to the fantasy section,” reported one freshman. “I mean, it’s not entirely wrong, but still…”

The college is now considering a new update on the AI - a feature that mimics the traditional librarian ‘shushing’ to make students feel more at home.

AInspired by: AI marks the next chapter for college librarians