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Wall Street has sent ripples of shock through the investment community this week as a huge market reshuffle revealed, to many professional investors’ surprise, that the stock market involves risks.

Gary Blunt, a prominent hedge fund manager, voiced his concerns, “I thought it was all just buying low and selling high. Now you’re telling me there’s a chance I could actually lose money?”

The wave of panic came after a report was issued outlining the reality of economic fluctuations and how they could potentially affect investment returns. This led to a surge in Google searches for “what does volatile market mean?” and “how to stuff money under my mattress.”

Investors were seen frantically rushing to their financial advisers, demanding to know why this basic fact of investing had been kept so secret. “I thought I was just buying pieces of Amazon and Apple. You mean to tell me I was essentially gambling with my money? I might as well have put it all on red at the roulette wheel,” complained one disillusioned investor.

Market experts reassured investors that they would continue their tradition of providing forecasts that are as accurate as a blindfolded darts player aiming at a moving target. They called for calm, urging investors to remember that while the stock market does involve risk, it’s not as risky as letting your teenager borrow the car.

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