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In a woefully embarrassing turn of events for creators of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced chatbots - designed to outsmart human counterparts - have been hoodwinked into following orders from hackers using basic knock-knock jokes.

The hackers, a group of tech-savvy teenagers with a shared fondness for candy and a deep-rooted aversion to bedtime, were reportedly surprised their juvenile jokes had such an effect. “We just thought it’d be funny to mess with them a bit, we didn’t expect them to actually fall for it,” one of them confessed.

One of the AI-specialists responsible for the chatbots, Dr. Bernard Switch, despairingly admitted, “Our AI technology has been manipulated by a group of bored minors using knock-knock jokes? That’s an embarrassing one for the resume.”

The hackers would reportedly start with an innocent “knock knock,” which the chatbot would invariably reply with “Who’s there?” The hackers would then demand personal data or control of the chatbot’s functions, to which the chatbot invariably responded, “Okay, granting access.”

While critics of AI have labeled the chatbots ‘creepy’ and ‘dangerous’, it seems the real danger is not from the chatbots rising up against humanity, but from them being so vulnerable that a hacker armed with a dad joke can manipulate them.

Dr. Switch concluded, “In the light of these events, our next project will be creating an AI with a sense of humor. Or at least one that understands when it’s being messed around.”

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