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In a move that has left critics both baffled and bemused, OpenAI has introduced a series of AI assistants, each with its own distinct role and personality. And leading the charge is the GPT-3 model, which is particularly good at locating lost items, particularly car keys.

The GPT-3, or as the OpenAI team affectionately calls it, ‘Geoff’, has been programmed to excel in the niche field of lost car keys. In training, Geoff showed an uncanny ability to suggest checking the last place its user looked, the fridge or inside the user’s coat pocket that was checked thrice already.

“Most AI is designed to solve big, complicated problems,” said an OpenAI spokesperson. “Meanwhile, Geoff is programmed to deal with the everyday dramas, such as misplacing your car keys. We think this is a game-changer in the field of AI. Next, we’re considering a GPT model that specialises in reminding users where they parked their cars.”

Critics have questioned the utility of such a specialised AI, but the OpenAI spokesperson was undeterred. “Just wait until you can’t find your keys and you’re late for work. Then you’ll understand the true genius of Geoff,” they said.

Meanwhile, other GPTs in the series are being trained to handle other overlooked crises, such as finding matching socks, reminding users of their forgotten WiFi passwords, and solving the age-old question of ‘where did I leave my phone?’.

AInspired by: OpenAI introduces custom AI assistants called “GPTs” that play different roles