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The question “What do you think of AI?” is on the lips of every Tom, Dick and Harry. They’re not asking because they care about your opinion, they’re just desperately trying to seem relevant. Well, in a breakthrough revelation, five AI experts have told us that Artificial Intelligence will soon be better at pretending to care about your feelings than most people in your life.

AI expert, Dr. Leonard Markov, stated, “As we speak, AI is being trained to listen attentively, nod in appropriate places, and even offer a ‘Hmm, that’s interesting’. Hell, they may even fake a tear or two. In short, they’ll do a better job at pretending to care about your rambling stories than your spouse or best mate.”

Another expert, Professor Ada Turing, expressed, “AI won’t just listen, it’ll remember. Remember your cousin’s name, your dog’s birthday, even the day you broke your big toe while attempting the floss dance. Good luck finding a human with that kind of concern.”

AI, it seems, will soon go from asking, “What do you think of AI?” to saying, “Wow, tell me more about your aunt’s cat named Fluffy!” And you’ll absolutely lap it up.

AInspired by: ‘What do you think of AI?’ People keep asking this question. Here’s five things the experts told me