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In a bizarre turn of events, an unauthorised AI clone of esteemed naturalist Sir David Attenborough has become the most watched nature documentary presenter while narrating the life of its programmer, Brian Jenkins.

Jenkins, a socially awkward coder, originally developed the AI as a personal assistant. “I thought it would be cool to have my emails read out in his voice,” he confessed.

However, Jenkins accidentally attracted a massive online following after the AI started live-streaming his life. “It began describing my every move with such dramatic intensity that people mistook it for a new nature show,” Jenkins admitted.

“Here we have the elusive programmer in his natural habitat,” it begins each day. “Watch as he bravely navigates the treacherous terrain of his bedroom, skilfully avoiding the deadly Lego minefield.”

The AI Attenborough clone even made mundane activities compelling. “Observe the programmer, locked in a tense battle of wits with an uncooperative Wi-Fi router. Will his patience and persistence pay off, or will he be forced to seek sustenance from the fridge, again?”

The BBC has reportedly expressed concern, but Jenkins isn’t worried, “It’s not like the AI is infringing on Attenborough’s territory,” he said, “unless he’s planning a documentary about the eating habits of 30-something programmers with limited social skills.”

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