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In a shocking turn of events, a recent shake-up in the hierarchy of OpenAI has sent seismic waves through Silicon Valley, leaving many tech nerds fearful for the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More importantly, they are freaking out about the potential depletion of their main source of nerdy AI jokes.

An insider, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “Sure, AI is great for making self-driving cars and other fancy stuff but let’s not forget its real importance. It’s the backbone of our humor, the lifeblood of our tech parties. Without AI, we are just nerds with subpar programming humor.”

The shake-up has not only created chaos in the corporate corridors but also in local coffee shops where tech workers congregate, sipping their lattes while discussing the latest in AI and occasionally cracking a joke about a self-aware toaster.

One dejected programmer noted, “If the future of AI is at risk, I’ll have to go back to making lame jokes about JavaScript. And no one wants that.”

As the news broke, the share prices of joke books saw an unprecedented surge, indicating a clear shift in the humor market. Meanwhile, joke bots on the internet reported a sudden increase in traffic, with programmers desperately searching for an AI humor replacement.

In response to the crisis, the OpenAI board issued a statement saying, “We understand your concerns. Rest assured, we’re working tirelessly to ensure the steady supply of nerdy AI jokes continues. After all, we too appreciate a good sentient blender gag.”

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