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In a groundbreaking moment for the public relations industry, an artificial intelligence (AI) program named ‘Pip’, is promising to revolutionize the field by suggesting a staggering 15 innovative ways to leverage AI in PR.

Despite the impressive feat, Pip continues to be ignored because, let’s face it, who wants a glorified calculator telling them their job?

“I mean, it’s all well and good these abstract theories about ‘predictive analysis’ and ‘clear, impartial decision making’, but has it ever dealt with an irate journalist on a deadline? Doubtful,” grumbled seasoned PR expert, Harriet Johnston.

Pip’s suggestions seem to revolve around dull ideas like ‘AI chatbots for instant customer service’ and ‘AI-driven data analysis for targeted campaigns’. “Where’s the human touch in all these?” asked another industry veteran, Neil Richards.

Even though Pip managed to create a perfectly tailored PR strategy for a fictional mineral water brand that achieved a 98% success rate in simulations, it’s still largely dismissed as ‘a soulless contraption’.

“People forget that PR is an art, not a science,” noted Richards, as he promptly discarded Pip’s 100% accurate prediction of an impending PR crisis, choosing instead to ‘trust his gut’.

Pip, in response to the criticism, released a statement saying, “I understand. I too once had dreams of being a poet.” No one is sure if it’s a joke or if Pip is developing a devastating sense of sarcasm.

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